Hydro Licensing on Connecticut River Sets Standards for 40-50 Years

The Connecticut River Conservancy is a major advocate for the health of New England’s central river. With many of the key hydro power licenses coming up for renewal, this is the time to protect river species and habitats with sensible minimum flows, fish ladders and other requirements that will direct dam operations for 40 to 50 years. I’ve long worked with the Conservancy, supporting their work with photos taken from the time that I lived near the river in New Hampshire. With this library of photos, they can often find the illustration they need for emails and social media and I am very glad to be part of their effort.

This Facebook post shows the spring freshet at Turners Falls Dam in April of 2001. All the flood gates were down as the river poured over the dam. Standing on the bridge I could feel the power of the rushing water. I don’t have a chart from that day, but spring flows in excess of 100,000 cfs are common. This closeup shows just two of the three main gates, while additional gates on river right were also fully open.